Black and Polka dots


If you are interested in purchasing this outfit, items can be found in the following links:

Shorts: Polkadot Shorts  from Newdress
T-shirt: Pocket Cat T-shirt

Sorry it’s been a while! I have been really busy now that University has started, but I’ll try to post more 🙂

Autumn is nearing and here in Europe as the season is changing, so is the weather. The really sunny and warm days have come to an end and a cooler and cloudier weather is upon us and that means: LAYERS.

What I was trying to keep in mind when I thought of this outfit was the occasion, the weather and my overall mood. I was heading to the Unseen Photo Fair here in Amsterdam and I wanted to wear something casual, cozy but at the same time something a little bit quirky and cute.

I paired these flowy polka dot shorts with this black t-shirt that has a left front pocket with a quirky cat peeking out of it (cute/funny little detail!). To complete the outfit and make it weather appropriate, I wore some black tights and a cozy large beige sweater. I thought it would be nice to add the beige sweater to break off the black and white palette. Any neutral color sweater or jacket could also look great with this look though! 🙂

This outfit achieved everything I wanted for this occasion. It made me feel really comfortable and casual but at the same time cute, quirky and girly.



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  1. sam says:

    Totally loving your outfit!!


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