Goth, Punk & Lolita Aesthetics

If you’re a fan of original, alternative and underground styles please read below :3

Punk Rave is a brand inspired and influenced by the Gothic, Punk and Lolita scenes. This brand offers a wide range of clothing to chose from, for both men and women! Punk Rave has a variety of unique styles with a lot of attention for detail and quality. Their designing team definitely makes sure to create some bold and stand out pieces!

PunkRave launched their website in 2006, their idea was to provide a style that is different from the mainstream and that would be attractive for new generations. As it has already been mentioned, PunkRave draws inspiration from Gothic, Punk and Lolita aesthetics but also from Visual Kei clothing and underground scenes.
Some of the products that they have available include:
Gothic dresses 

Gothic jackets 
Gothic Victorian dresses 

These are just some of the categories in their website, but they also include T-shirts, sweaters, pants and accessories.
Besides their gorgeous designs, what I really like is that they have products for different seasons as well, making it easy to dress for any occasion in any type of weather.
So if you’re looking for dark, alternative fashion, I really recommend you check PunkRave out!
Punkrave Gothic Flocking Long Sleeve Blouse

Take a look here!

Punk Rock Leather Jacket Black Gentelman Rugged Denim Removable Sleeves Short Jacket

Available for purchase here!

Gothic Vampires Mystique Exquisite Lace Metal Chain Cross Necklace

Buy it here!



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